15 uses for coconut oil

1. Hair Treatment

One of the most common use for coconut oil is a hair treatment, simply picking up a jar of organic coconut oil and pop some in a jug, melt in the microwave and apply it all over your hair, leave for at least 20mins and good it a really good wash aterwards.

2. leave in hair conditioner.

getting an old spray bottle because reduce,reuse and recycle is always a good opition and do equal parts of water and coconut oil and it can be appied to the hair when wet before you blow dry or in between washes to freshen up.

3. Shiny Smooth De-frizz

Doing the same as no.2 but adding in a few drops of lavender essence oil to the mix to add some shine to your hair.

4. Cooking.

A very easy and simple way to use it is cooking as it contains 50% natural fats and will do the exact same as other oils but will be alot more beneficial for you.

5. Homemade shimmer

Mixing coconut oil with highlighter together to help give you a shine that will last longer and wont rub off on your clothes, i made mie with a highligher that broke, an we all know howmuch we spend on makeup so lets not waste it. Thank me later.

6. Coffee scrub.

Scrub is just a mix of some old coffee grounds with some coconut oil to help scrub off dry and reove dead skin cells and will also leave the skin feeling soft, it can also be used as a tan remover.

7. makeup remover

Coconut oil can be used to remove all makeup but particularly good for water proof makeup.

8. Whiten teeth.

melt some coconut oil with some toothpaste or powder my personal prefernce is eucryl powder, mix togather until it is a paste and rush your teeth as normal. Do this twice a week for a brigter smile.

9. Face mask

Mix one part coconut oil and one part organic honey, apply to your face for 20mins and wash, perfect for dry skin.

10. tinted gloss.

1tps coconut oil, 1tps carmex and 1tps of your favorite color lip stick. mix all togather putin a little container and let it set together.

11 freshbreath

mix 10mls mouthwas and 1 tps of coconut oil together, helps to whiten teeth and cleans your mouth out for a fresher breath.

12. Brush cleaner.

mix one part cioconut oil nd one part dishwashing saop (my fav fairy) in a cup and swirl your brush in the mix and rise. repeat this step until the brushs are clean.

13. Body moisturiser.

mix equal parts of water and coconut oil in a bottle and this can be used daily, as coconut oil is too concentrate in its own for daily use.

14. Shaving.

apply a thin layer before and after shaving to lock in moisture and to restore moisture, for silky smooth skin.

15. Massage oil

After melting some oil and while its still warm massage into the skin, side note you can add some essential oils.




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